Our Committees

Capitol Knesset offers four committees: Legislative, National & International, Statewide, and Cultural.

The conveners are:

Legislative Committee: examines bills in the California Legislature  
  Eireann Flannery
  Email: goflanno@gmail.com

National & International Committe: manages issues on the Federal and International level  
  Michael Ross
  Email: ssorleahcim@comcast.net

Statewide Committee: deals with issues on the state level  
  Jerry Jeffe
  Email: Legislativeadvocate@yahoo.com

Cultural Committee: handle Jewish holidays, religious, and ethnic activities  
  Elissa Provance
  Email: eprovance@jewishsac.org

Interested in joining a committee? Please click here, or log on to http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/664408/Capitol-Knesset-Committees to sign up for a committee.